FSCA Underground

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FSCA Underground will be holding all events on the games created by John Hersle , and Anthony Birch of 
Jethro's Outlaws & Drag Factor

Video of the week

A video will be posted here to showcase a member's skill in the FSCA Underground events. There will be a new video every week.    

Upcoming events

Grudgement days

New event coming soon!

Clocks off.

New event coming soon!

League Rules

League Rules
  1. NO offensive trash talk
  2. NO cheating follow all the event rules. If you are caught cheating you will be BANNED immediately!!!
  3. All racers must download and use the FSCA Motorsports Discord here is the link (  https://discord.gg/yWKPqTw )
  4. Their will only be 10 -16 spots open in each class for every event. So if a racer comes late he has to wait until next week for that event. And if more that 10 racers show up for a List shootout their will be a round robin. Also is more racers show up for a Mean 16 shootout all the racers that show up must qualify. They get one run to qualify and the fastest 16 elapse times (E.T.)  will be chosen to run in the mean 16 shootout event.
  5. No crossing the center line or the other line on the street or track. If you do cross the center line you will be disqualified for that round of the event.
  6. No tapping or hitting the staging vehicle when launching your car in a street event. Hitting or tapping the staging vehicle will result in a disqualification for that round of the event
  7. No running off the track or hitting the wall. Running off the track or hitting the wall will result in a disqualification for that round of the event.
  8. No jumping ( false starting ) when staging. A false start will result in a disqualification for that round of the event.
  9. When staging your car the Race Master or FSCA Staff will say drivers ready. This is like seeing the staging lights. If you the racer do not say anything the Race Master will repeat two more times. Then the Race Master or FSCA Staff will start the race with the lights. 
  10. If someone jumps in a Grudge or street race and you chase, it's a race. So if the Race Master or FSCA Staff calls a jump on your opponent and you keep after that person it's a race!!!
  11. When racing in a grudge race and your opponent loses a race by a technicality, you the racer can give him one more run back.
  12. If someone has to leave the server they risk timing out. So they are out longer than 7 minutes they are timing out for a events and lose that round.
  13. When the race master or FSCA Staff is hosting an event and other racers keep contradicting them, those races will be ask to leave the event. Those racers that keep arguing their facts, will be banned!!!
  14. If a racer hits or runs into a racer deliberately, they will be asked to leave the event. If those racers keep running into other racers they will be banned!!! 
  15. Top Ten events will be held in the middle of the week or on Friday. All racers get one chance to move to the list. We will start with the racers from the bottom of the list and work our way up the list until all the racers get one chance to call out for a spot. So if a racer can only move up three spots then he is done for that week. He can only defend is spot for the night of the event. Once everyone has had a chance to run up the list the event is over for that week. Also is a racer has to defend  their spot they can make the challenger wait for one week. But that racer makes everyone wait to move up the list all other list holders just skip that racers spot for that week. After that week he most run no matter what or lose their spot. All racers below can race past that spot by skipping the spot all together allowing who ever to just hold that spot until next week. And we all know real life happens so if someone can not make a event that week most get in touch with the race master and let him know what's up. And if you do not contact the race master you will lose your spot or spots that week.

  16. If your car is lagging bad in a race you have to re-run that round up to 3 times. If your car is still lagging or you have not fix the problem you will lose that round.

  17. When both racers are called to the line to run and one racer does not leave with his opponent. And starts to take to long to come to the line that racers has 15 seconds to leave to pits and get to the starting line, or they will lose that round. 

  18. So if a racers has done their burnout and to opponent is taking their time to do a burnout allowing the others racers tires to cool, or if running a Pro Mod and engine to over heat. That racers who is taking their time will be  disqualified. But if both racers are ready & chose to play the staging game both race racers will be giving 20 seconds to stage or asked to re-run that round. If both racers still chose to play the staging game again they will be giving 20 seconds to stage and if not they will be disqualified!!! But if one racer pulls up to stage and says they are ready, the opponenet racer has 7 seconds to stage and say their ready.

  19. When both racers are about to make a run everyone will be asked to be quiet on the mic. So if you keep talking over the race master and no giving both opponents their respect you will be asked to leave the discord. And if you keep contradicting the Race Master or FSCA Staff you will be banned immediately!!!

  20. So if your engine blows and catches fire you are done that event. If you crash your car and depending on how bad the crash you may miss one or two events in the series. If you speed to the staging lanes you could get fined or removed from that event. Cutting across the grass to the staging can also get you fined or disqualified for that round.

  21. So you have a your own skin for a certain car or cars, and or picked a already per-existing skin for a event, no one can use that skin once registered for a event.

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